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        1. 4-Hydroxybenzophenone/4-Chloro-4'-hydroxybenzophenone/4'-Hydroxypropiophenone/4'-Hydroxyvalerophenon

          Jiangsu Haixiang Chemical Industry Co. Ltd
          AQSIQ Site Acceptance national quality insp... 2013-12-20
          National capacity building of fine chemical... 2013-12-20
          Philosophy and spirit... 2013-12-20
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               2-Amino-...      4,6-Dime...
               Methyl(E...      4'-Hydro...
               4'-Hydro...       4-Chlor...
               4-Hydrox...       Benzimi
               2-(4-Chl...      1H-Benzi...
          Senior Sales
          Senior Sales

          Jiangsu Haixiang Chemical Industry Co. Ltd locates in Yangtze River delta with the developed economy, excellent environment and convenient traffic. The company is a production, export and import of fine chemicals, such as electronic chemicals, pesticide intermediates, medicine intermediates...


          Sales Department 1: Annie       Tel: +86-519-82311677  
          Fax: +86-519-82330677             Email: annie@haixiang-group.com
          Sales Department 2: Eva          Tel: +86-519-82331677
          Fax: +86-519-82319786             Email:sales@haixiang-group.com
          Sales Department 3: Arthur      Tel: +86-519-82310808
          Fax: +86-519-82319786             Email: arthur@haixiang-group.com

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