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        1. 4-Hydroxybenzophenone/4-Chloro-4'-hydroxybenzophenone/4'-Hydroxypropiophenone/4'-Hydroxyvalerophenon

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          Electroplating Intermediate
          Product name
          Applications / Appearance
          Alkynols and ethers polymer
          Cas No:--

          Nickel plating intermediate /
          light yellow to dark yellow transparent liquid

          TCA Aqueous Solution
          Cas No:302-17-0

          Nickel plating intermediate / yellowish to colorless transparent liquid

          Cas No:68797-57-9

          Zinc plating intermediate /
          light yellow to yellow transparent liquid

          BPC-48, BPC-36
          Cas No:15990-43-9/68133-60-8

          Zinc plating intermediate /
          light yellow to reddish brown transparent liquid

          Quaternary ammonium salt PyC
          Cas No:--

          Tin plating intermediate /
          light yellow to orange-red transparent liquid

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